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UR30 is a popular free race management system and a track layout designer software. UR30 race manager handles any kind of races on 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 lane circuits with a precision of 1/1000 secs. Its embedded Track Layout Editor is designed for all kinds of slot track brandts. Its user friendly wysiwg interface makes its use intuitive : you handle track section like real ones.

Publisher description

Slotcar race management system & track layout editor. The Race Management System manages up to 8 lane with a 1/1000 sec precision all statistics per driver, slot car and races use an MS Access database direct publishing of your race, score, circuit, tournaments on the WEB easy and quick race parameters setup work with parallel and serial port sensors (Sensors, RMS) printed and WEB published reports are based on html & XML templates => can be easily customized switched-off / red-orange-green start lights status managed integrate a clock and a lap counter to play several circuit race rules power control for each lane complete slot car inventory with maintenance tasks, advanced statistics fully powerfull customizable race screen with UR30 embedded editor displays number of laps, time, best time, average, gap with first and previous driver(...) Track designer features : user friendly WYSISYG interface support for irregular shaped track sections: crossings, terminals, busstops, pitlanes etc. Very several zoom factors delivered with standard libraries include standard objects : rectangles, polygons, circles, text, pictures… accurate lane slot length and total slot curve calculation lengths in metrics or Imperial convert circuit size into real scale : kilometers or miles clipboard standard features : cut/copy/paste/delete/undo-redo possibility to create your own track libraries and modify standard ones include track stock management and price calculationdrag and drop track sections from the track section palett manage track sections like real life ones support for any brand inner and outer borders out of the box support for lot of track brands part codes shown on design and when printed support of customizable WEB report publishing user definable grids support for any number of lane tracks stock inventory with automatic stock control easy to add your own brand of track (...)

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